What is COMPAxiON ?

Available since 1997, COMPAxiON is a compression tool way ahead of it's time....

Xitech COMPAxiON is a 32-bit software (Windows 9x, Windows ME, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000 & Windows XP) solution that enables data to be stored in files in a compressed form, therefore making the files many times smaller than would normally be required. Unlike other compression programs, COMPAxiON has the ability to randomly access the data stored in these files. Multi gigabytes of data can be stored in a COMPAxiON volume file with only the portions being read decompressed seamlessly in memory. Therefore there is no need to extract the complete file first and occupy the full amount of disk space. This enables COMPAxiON to be retro-fitted to any application where file compression is desirable. Not only that, but COMPAxiON also allows writes to the compressed files so that they can even be updated in situ. Currently COMPAxiON supports single-user Read-Write operation only (no file sharing) and shared Read-Only access is supported.

Uses of COMPAxiON

  • COMPAxiON is ideal for storing gigabytes of database data on standard 600MB CD-ROMs and querying the data as if it were stored in its native manner directly from the CD-ROM. Cut down on distribution costs and be more user-friendly to your application user in terms of diskspace.
  • Store a larger than 1.44MB file on a standard floppy disk and read it directly from your application, or backup data on one floppy rather than multiple.
  • Store backup or archive data on your hard disk using considerably less disk space, but still available directly online.
  • Adding compression to your own proprietary file formats with minimal program changes.
  • Masking textual data from prying eyes, as the compression process effectively encrypts the data.
  • Implement Table Structures that are not cramped by table size worries.

New Version 1.2

COMPAxiON v1.2 is now shipping, changes include:

  • New faster & tighter compression algorithm (not compatible with previous versions).
  • Various internal speed enhancements.
  • The ability to encrypt volume files.
  • Rationalization of the product API.

NOTE: COMPAxiON is not available for sale within the USA.

Click here to download the evaluation version.

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